Jun 092021

Ross Rosenberg On Covert Narcissists

Ross Rosenberg On Covert Narcissists

An excellent introduction to the field of covert or vulnerable narcissism by Ross Rosenberg.

These narcissists are extremely dangerous because of the masterful facade of kindness, altruism and empathy. They are cleverly cloaked and disguised as environmentalists, lovers, givers, psychotherapists, teachers, ministers, parents, codependents and so on. This is what the outside world sees but anyone who is close to the covert or vulnerable narcissist will experience the full range of narcissistic abuse.

Fake love, fake concern, fake care…everything is a mirage and not real. Fake is everything to them.

The only thing that is real is the terrible damage that they cause to people. This is especially so with their so called ‘nearest and dearest.’

They are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. You don’t see them coming. Beware.

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