The Mask

In the beginning, she showed me her vulnerabilities – all of her original pain. She showed me the child, a glimpse of her true self. It was lurking there, cowering, crying, bleeding, helpless and wounded. It needed me and it called out to me. I answered it of course and as I reached in to the child, the psychopath grabbed my arm, pulled me in and I was trapped.

A dark and terrifying fairy tale

The Mask is about my love affair with a woman who did not exist. All that existed was a mask. A mask that gleamed and danced with portrayals of authenticity, kindness and personality. A mask that hid the cruelty, lies and rage. A tormented and tormenting false self. And way, way beneath of all of this, lay a severe personality disorder. A narcissistic personality disorder mask. This is about my relationship with a female covert somatic narcissist. It’s about how deeply I fell for her, how she manipulated and gaslit into me into a state of almost complete madness, how I eventually left her and figured her and all of it out.

The Mask includes an enormous amount of research, obsession, deep raw emotion and numerous interviews with two world renowned psychopathic narcissists. Some of the very, very few who know who and what they are. And exactly how they work, think and behave towards ordinary people. It’s called narcissistic abuse – which is pernicious, all pervasive and soul destroying. It kills people. This is a story filled with the promise of love, initial bliss and then the agony, despair, confusion and hopelessness. It ends with enlightenment, education, hope and the ultimate liberation. The escape. The jailbreak.

The treacherous reality of narcissistic personality disorder

For those who have narcissistic personality disorder, and there are many of them who walk amongst us unknown, it is not a mere case of a little too much grandiosity here and a dab of self centredness there but rather a fully fledged disorder of delusion, lack of empathy, confabulation, hatred and envy. A never ending black void. A void that needs constant refuelling by a human host. This is a world that is incomprehensible to those who do not have or understand it. A world in which the narcissist is a form of artificial intelligence lacking the most basic and essential humanity. Emotional empathy.

I stepped deeply into this barren and bleak landscape as I wrote The Mask in order to give you an idea of how they think and operate. To help make sense of the nonsensical. And once you have figured one out, you will realise that you have the rest of them figured out for they all employ the same technology. 

A sign of the times

Not only is this story a sign of the times, but it is in this time, a story that must be told and is desperately needed. The awareness of narcissistic pathology and narcissistic abuse is in its infancy stage and this book will expose, educate and therefore offer the freedom of choice to leave these selfish, remorseless and parasitic people. For once you know, you can go. Once and for all.

The Mask is my story and I suspect that it may well be yours too…

August 2023

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